Our Services

Permanent dental prostheses:

  • Ceramic on zirconia implant (CAD/CAM)
  • Ceramic on nickel-free implant (Laser Sinter)
  • Ceramic on nickel-free implant
  • Ceramic on nickel-based implant
  • Cast bar with K+B masking
  • Temporary K+B crown
  • Golden inlay
  • Telescopic crown (primary and secondary)
  • Composite inlay-onlay (Ceramage)
  • Ceramic frames made for implants (metal or Zirconia)

Temporary dental prostheses

  • Ordinary dentures
  • Valplast (flexible) dentures
  • Metal plate tooth replacements
  • Combined prostheses with hidden zinc
  • For single-side end of the row gaps (preci vertix, horix, bredent mini sv, stb.)
  • Whitening and occlusal splints
  • Denture recovery