CAD/CAM digital dental technology

About Zirconia and the CAD/CAM technology….

A metal-free dental replacement made from zirconia which is the most suitable material when making prostheses due to its chemical and physical attributes.

In case of metal-ceramic prosthesis, it is difficult to reach the natural colour impression due to the limited light transmission capabilities. During the lifecycle of the prosthesis, the „grey neck” effect might occur which might not give an aesthetic impression, not to mention the incidental allergic reaction that puts strain on the body.

Today, zirconia reached a steady state in dentistry. Compared to metal-ceramic prostheses, it has excellent advantages:

  • Exceptional precision
  • Perfect esthetical impression
  • Biological compatibility
  • Long lifetime

CAD-CAM technology, the cutting edge

It has always been one of our top priorities to keep up with the accelerating development of dental technology. This is why we started to exploit the incredible potential of CAD-CAM technology. It was also important for us to be able to design the products ourselves, as we know what suits our clients best, and this helps us to provide quality service for them. We perform the design with the world-known Canadian made Dental Wings 3D Scanner. We entered into a partnership with Dentmill Milling Centre for manufacturing, who give professional support for our work, whether it is metal or zirconia replacement.


We are using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) which has a long history in the industry.


Before creating the design, the digital copy of the master object is scanned with a high-accuracy 3D optical scanner. The design of the prosthesis is created using 3D software that allows almost unlimited zoom and free rotation. Various pre-defined tooth shapes, measuring options, and templates with various parameters are available during the design process. With the help of virtual scaling, the bridge frames can be customized to match the requirements defined by the material and the unique characteristics of the prostheses. As a result, we can take full advantage of the material, and design the prostheses to meet the pre-defined unique requirements. The advantage of the precise and careful design is that the post-processing of the completed prostheses can be reduced to the minimum.


The designed prostheses are manufactured using high capacity precision instruments. The 5-axis processing, the high-end operating software, the high accuracy, and the durable milling cutters ensure the 3-5 microns precision of the final product, which also meets the standards applicable to the prostheses made for implants.

The CNC mills are capable of both dry and water cooled milling. Combined with the 32 tool sockets and the upgradeable milling software, this ensures that we can fulfill any needs with short delivery time.

With the CAD-CAM technology, we can also replace metal-ceramic prostheses made with regular molding technology. We are masking Co-Cr frames using laser sintering process which is more accurate and it eliminates the various shortcomings of the molding technology.

Regular molding technology

Besides the computer aided technology, we also create dental prostheses using regular processing and molding technology.